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ribsIn addition to roast pig, our specialty, we offer a wide selection of prepared smoked, spiral sliced, and boneless (Jamon) fresh hams (Pernils), pans of oven roasted chicken or Turkey, sliced Rib-eye sandwich Steak with onions (Bistec De Lomo Encebollado), Fajitas (chicken or beef), Hot or BBQ wings, Italian beef or sausage by the pan, and sides including Puerto Rican Rice (Arroz Con Glandules) featuring rice, ham and bacon, Green bananas (Escabeche), Lasagna or Mostaccioli (Penne Pasta) by the pan with plain or meat sauce, Roasted Potatoes (Papas Rostisadas), and pans of Habichuelas Guisadas (Spanish Baked Beans). We offer slabs of tangy BBQ ribs (30 lbs per order) or Fried Pork (Carnitas) starting with 10 lb orders.

Most items sold in pan/tray orders serve about 15-20 people. All weight measurements are pre-cooked weights. Feel free to contact us regarding party planning menus to ensure the best estimate of items to be ordered in relation to the size of your party. When ordering full roast pigs or piglets estimate about one lb. per serving so that a piglet (30-40 lbs) is suitable for an average get-together while a pig (70-80 lbs) would likely suffice for a large business-type meeting. Also, smaller to medium pigs are often regarded as the most tender and succulent and more suitable for younger tastes. Whatever your needs, T&C will provide you the freshest in quality meats at reasonable prices. Gives us a call.

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